CURATORIAL | Work Produced at CTS: Creative Thriftshop

7 in 6: Space vs. Time

{CTS} Creative Thriftshop in conjunction with the Williamsburg Gallery Association is proud to present 7 in 6: Space vs. Time. As part of Williamsburg Walks 2009, various experimental and time-based acts will take place on the block between North 4th and North 5th of Bedford Avenue in the heart of the neighborhood. The event will unite artists and the public for a uniquely collaborative and reflective moment in performance and interactive installation art. As a block party takeover 7 in 6 will initialize or re-invent seven improvisational events and happenings reminiscent of spectacular or simple acts of life meeting art from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

From self-conscious reflection to arbitrary action, artists such as Fanny Allié’s uniquely interactive note taking exemplify such efforts. Her project will represent the fleeting thoughts of the casual passerby or bystander, resulting in a collection of these momentary self-reminders. Also looking at the written word, reviving the text-based statements of acts conceptually initiated by Lawrence Weiner, bootlegger artist Eric Doeringer recreates these typographic statements upon the walls and sidewalks of Bedford Avenue. Language defines performance, as the vinyl lettering becomes a representation of the act through the absence of action.

As a more physical work, in a re-staging of Yves Klein’s Anthropometries, Madeline Hatz localizes this performance that came to life in 1960, using her own body as a paintbrush in the full drama of Yves Klein Blue paint. Stop by Filip Noterdaeme’s ongoing performance of ‘Admit One’ presented by the Homeless Museum of Art. Noterdaeme conceptualizes a museum without white walls or divisions from the public domain, framing the city’s homeless as the permanent collection. Visit the ticket booth for free admission, or take a moment to chat with the director regarding your eligibility for entrance.

Adding to layers of appropriation, artist Lee Wells will re-address George Maciunas interpretation of Philip Corner’s Piano Activities. Wells’ adapts this gradual destruction of a piano that was originally performed at the First Fluxus festival in Wiesbaden, Germany. This act evolves over the course of the day, inviting onlookers to partake in the ruin of an instrument, reducing something of value to an arbitrary found object. What remains, are only fragments and remnants that represent something lost or erased in their discarded

On the contrary, Amanda Browder will bring the makings of Future Phenomena to public grounds, a fabric-sewn facade that will encase a Brooklyn building as an installation on display in the neighborhood later in the year. Browder’s project becomes a communal gesture, redefining the scale and use of discarded objects and materials as they transform into another abstract purpose.

In a revival of Nigel Rolfe’s 1985 Rope Piece: The rope that binds us makes us free”, artist Genevieve White also uses material as a central devicse. The artist will bind certain body parts with the intent of an isolation and reduction of the senses. Overall the block will unite these seven distinct projects that build or decay over time, evolving over six hours and occurring independently within this shared space.